Room to Read Peer to Peer

Collage of school children around the world

Raise money for education.
Change the world.

We believe that all children have the potential to reach new heights through education.

But we need your help to fuel our work.

We are a global network of passionate volunteers committed to supporting Room to Read's work. By leading local outreach, fundraising and activism in our communities, we're moving forward in creating world change and making education a reality for millions of children.

It’s easier than you think to make an impact

Step 1

Clip art of gear and pencil

Create and personalize your fundraising page in minute. Set a goal, choose a photo, and add more info about your campaign.

Step 2

Clip art of megaphone and quote bubbles

Share your fundraising page with friends, family, and in your community to start collecting donations. You might be surprised by just how generous people can be.

Step 3

Clip art of superhero on top of a mountain

Reach your goals and know that you and your fellow volunteers are transforming children’s futures!

Need a little inspiration?

Check out our Community Resource Hub for event ideas and kits from the many creative ways that volunteers have raised money to support education.


Your fundraiser will transform children’s lives.

Photo of smiling school girl

$300 can keep a girl in school for one year

Photo of group of smiling school boys holding up books in a library

$2,500 can teach 50 children to read and write for one year

Photo of smiling school girl reading a book in a library

$7,000 can provide a library full of local language books


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